How to Play Online Pokies

There are a lot of similarities between online and offline pokies in terms of game play so if you have played a pokie before then you should be able to get started without any issues. If you are new to pokies and slot machines then this article is for you.

We cover how to play pokies on the internet and give you all you need to know to get started spinning and winning. The article assumes you have already downloaded and installed an online casino and registered an account. If you have not yet done this then we suggest reading our Beginners Guide to Online Casinos section.

The basics when it comes to playing online pokies are as follows,

  • Select a game via the casinos games menu
  • Decide how much you want to bet
  • Click the spin button
  • Watch the reels spin and wait for the result.

Selecting a game is easy, simply open the online casino. Look for the games menu and the Slots category (pokies are known as Slots at most casinos). You then click on a game and the game will load. We suggest having a look at the pay table when you load the game. This is done by clicking the View Pays or Payouts button which will be on the game screen.

Unlike regular pokies where you insert money to get credits you will find that your casino balance is transferred to the game automatically. This means that if you want to only use part of your balance for a particular game you have to keep an eye on your balance as you play.

All online pokies (except some progressive games) will have a variety of bet sizes and coins per line options. Let’s say for example you have a 20 line game with the option to bet up to 10 credits per line. This means you can bet between 20 and 200 credits per spin with all lines active. The online casinos tend to refer to credits as coins so we will also.

You can select how many lines to bet on by clicking the lines button and you can select how many credits to bet per line by clicking the coins button. If you want to bet the maximum amount of coins you can simply click the Max Bet button which also starts the reels spinning.

In addition to being able to choose how many credits to be per line and how many lines to bet on you can also choose what coin size to play in. You can adjust this during the game by looking for the area on the screen that has a currency amount (0.01, 0.50 etc). Clicking this amount will cycle through the various options for that particular game.

Once you have decided how much you will bet per spin you simply click the “Spin” button to start the reels spinning. The reels then spin, come to a stop and any wins are paid. If the game has a gamble feature this is where you can click the “Gamble” button to try and double up your win.

Depending on the game other buttons may appear during game play such as Start Feature or Start Free Spins buttons. Some games also have a stop button where you can stop the reels spinning if you prefer to play quickly.

Most online pokies also have some other advanced options. This can include auto play where you can select a number of spins or select options such as stop on a certain amount of winning jackpot.

If you are ever unsure about a feature of a game all online pokies have a help section where you can find out more about the game including the game rules and any associated bonuses or betting requirements for progressive jackpots.

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